Brazil – 4 Japan – 1 : Brazil slowly waking up

When Japan netted their first goal today against the run of play, few would have imagined the final scoreline of 4-1 against them. Till then they did all they could to resist the Brazilian attack and also had found the lead. As such they found themselves in an unfamiliar position of leading against Brazil. But then the honeymoon did not last very long – Ronaldo headed in the equalizer in the dying minutes of the 1st half. In the 2nd half, it was Brazil all the way with relentless attacks on the hapless Japanese. Ronaldo scored his 14th goal in World Cup equalizing with Gerd Muller of Germany – amazing feat indeed.

(Copyright: BBC)

2 goals from Ronaldo put him on top of all-time World Cup goal scorers

I don’t want to point out things that Brazil can do to improve because today they played close to their best. However, their tendency to be a bit slow in the beginning could cost them in any other match. But for now, let us just sit back and enjoy this victory.

— Thyaga


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