Wikipedia – amazing source of information

Have you guys checked out Wikipedia? – the online Encyclopedia. It is such an amazing source of information – from academics to current issues to MBA stuff to sports – you name it and it is there. The best part of this is that it is a community based site and so, the information builds up as more and more people submit content – amazing concept – a perfect example of a Network good.

Check it out – it will definitely turn out to be useful :).

— Thyaga


Google Scoop – Blogger accidentally discovers new features

A blogger discovered evidence of several new Google features such as Google Events, Google Guess, Google Online Assessment, Google Real Estate Search, Google RS2, Mobile Marketplace, Local and Weaver yesterday that hint at the company’s product direction. Read on …

Wi-Fi network in Mountain View – now, thats NICE 🙂 !

— T

Tips for Cooling Off

[Canvas: “Cooling Off” by Donald Curran]

As the world comes to grip with the heat wave that is engulfing America and Europe right now, here are some tips to keep cool during these times. Its amazing how simple these tips are and if done diligently can make us feel more comfortable during these times.

Cool off

— Thyaga

ICC launches World Cup logo, mascot and schedule


ICC has officially launched the World Cup logo, mascot, World Cup trophy

The ICC has officially launched the World Cup logo, mascot, World Cup trophy and also the schedule. This was done in New Delhi yesterday by officials of the ICC and the members of the Organizing committee. The fact that it was done in New Delhi goes to show how important India is as a market for the success of the World Cup. Read on ….

World Cup ticket bookings close on Monday – July 31st

The first phase of ticket bookings for the World Cup will be over on Monday, July 31st. If you have not yet applied for it, then this is the best chance for you to do so. Details on how to purchase tickets can be found here.

— T

Himesh Reshammiya – is he really so good?

First, the facts – out of the top 10 songs in Hindi song countdown today, at least 6 of the songs are composed by Himesh Reshammiya. Even A.R.Rehman during his Roja/Bombay days was not as popular as Reshammiya is today. The last year has seen Reshammiya crunching hits after hits – from Aap Ki Kashish to Aap Ka Suroor to the latest Jhoom Jhoom. Even as I write this, the newer movies today definitely feature a track or two composed by Reshammiya. As if that is not enough, the movies promos nowadays show a heavily bearded Reshammiya along with his trademark baseball cap crooning away on the mike. Of course, that is just to grab your attention – he just draws the crowd – the movie has become a secondary reason now.

Is he really that good?

But that begs the question – is he really that good? – my wife despises him completely. She cannot take that nasal crooning for more than a couple of minutes. I have been a bit adventurous actually – i went ahead and burnt a CD consisting of his hit songs from last year. My theory on music is this – listen to a CD again and again. Then give it a break – if the desire to hear it comes back again, then you know that you like that song. (its similar to the “If you love someone, let them free …. “). With this experiment, I know that I cannot live without listening to the songs of Kishore Kumar and R.D. Burman :). Anyway back to Reshammiya – after listening to him for exactly 3 times, i decided that I have had enough. Its been more than a week and i don’t have too much of an inclination to go back to it. Probably now I will because I have blogged about it and so, I might as well listen to it again :).

That still does not discount his success – obviously, people are attracted to his unique nasal / Sufi voice – there seems to be something in his voice that is making people listen and the cash registers ring. For the producers thats what matters. Rehammiya of course, is just lapping it up – he is already set out on his world tour and he will be in the US soon.

If you guys have your opinion on him, feel free to leave a comment.

— T

Tremendous Heat Wave going on

Since the beginning of last weekend, US and more specifically California has been under a severe heat wave. Over the weekend, temperatures hovered around 105 degrees on average in California – boy! – it was excruciatingly hot. I have never seen it so hot here – probably in India but the humidity factor in Kolkata would probably cool the temperatures a bit. Here, the lack of humidity makes it completely dry and so the heat is “hot and dry” heat – the worst that you can get.

Naturally, the power consumption has gone over the roof and the state is finding out ways to cope up with this increase in power consumption. The one thing that strikes me for sure is that environmentalists are now going to be strengthened in the continuing debate over global warming – Al Gore surely might end up running for the Presidency again :).

Chill out !