Brazil out of World Cup – disappointed but not surprised !

Brazil was knocked out of the World Cup today by a Zidane inspired France. Brazil could hardly have a shot at the French goal and they looked a pale shadow of the champion team that they were in 2002. I have been constantly saying this that the Brazilians are not playing as a team although they have some superstars in their team. Nevertheless, I feel that they could have had a better strategy against France:

  1. It still beats me as to why youngsters such as Robinho are not introduced during the beginning of the match. He is a dynamite in the field and always creates some interesting moves. He was introduced in the 75th minute in this match and immediately, you could see the changes – he created some tension in the French defence and there were some chances created.
  2. Ronaldinho has looked completely out of form in this World Cup – the form was no way close to his Barcelona form during this year’s Champion’s league.
  3. Cafu and Roberto Carlos are not the same powerhorse that they were 4 years ago – with age, they have lost a bit of their speed and agility. Its sad but true – its time to give youngsters a chance.
  4. However, age didn’t seem to bother the French at all – they always seem to be inspired when they play against Brazil. Once they scored the first goal through a Zidance freekick headed in by Henry, it was Zidane all the way. He was controlling the tempo of the game, making the moves and in general, was making the ball go to wherever he wanted. If this is the form that France are going to show, they have a good chance to enter the finals indeed.

In the end, I must say that I was disappointed after this defeat, but I was not surprised. I think, in the end, the better team won – Brazil has some thinking to do indeed.

— Thyaga


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