Himesh Reshammiya – is he really so good?

First, the facts – out of the top 10 songs in Hindi song countdown today, at least 6 of the songs are composed by Himesh Reshammiya. Even A.R.Rehman during his Roja/Bombay days was not as popular as Reshammiya is today. The last year has seen Reshammiya crunching hits after hits – from Aap Ki Kashish to Aap Ka Suroor to the latest Jhoom Jhoom. Even as I write this, the newer movies today definitely feature a track or two composed by Reshammiya. As if that is not enough, the movies promos nowadays show a heavily bearded Reshammiya along with his trademark baseball cap crooning away on the mike. Of course, that is just to grab your attention – he just draws the crowd – the movie has become a secondary reason now.

Is he really that good?

But that begs the question – is he really that good? – my wife despises him completely. She cannot take that nasal crooning for more than a couple of minutes. I have been a bit adventurous actually – i went ahead and burnt a CD consisting of his hit songs from last year. My theory on music is this – listen to a CD again and again. Then give it a break – if the desire to hear it comes back again, then you know that you like that song. (its similar to the “If you love someone, let them free …. “). With this experiment, I know that I cannot live without listening to the songs of Kishore Kumar and R.D. Burman :). Anyway back to Reshammiya – after listening to him for exactly 3 times, i decided that I have had enough. Its been more than a week and i don’t have too much of an inclination to go back to it. Probably now I will because I have blogged about it and so, I might as well listen to it again :).

That still does not discount his success – obviously, people are attracted to his unique nasal / Sufi voice – there seems to be something in his voice that is making people listen and the cash registers ring. For the producers thats what matters. Rehammiya of course, is just lapping it up – he is already set out on his world tour and he will be in the US soon.

If you guys have your opinion on him, feel free to leave a comment.

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23 Responses

  1. Himesh is fantastic!

  2. I dont know .. He is really popular in India … He is not that good in US. Or may b eI am a Die heart fan of Oldies Like KK , LM, AB, LM, MR, Mukesh, MD, HK

    If you carefully listen to KK in his beginnng years he was nzalist … his very fisrst song “Marne ke duyaee kyon mangi” a perfect copy of SAigal Saab but Himesh is totally nazal and I personally do nt like him but at thened he is popular may be stars are in his favor and it is his time….. so let him milk it. I wonder what happen to Vineet ??? any clue …… πŸ™‚

  3. […] know. But I agree with the article that you either love him or hate him – no middle ground. An earlier Blog post […]

  4. He is “Yak”

  5. rock star

  6. he is a rock star

  7. Hi is funky .. gr* songs, lot of pain and heart appealing songs.

    He is the man !!

  8. this is really tuching and just wana say himesh u r remarkable no matter what people say about u but u prov yr self every time u r the best in last himesh plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz keep this work going u do”t know yr voice gives somay happiness

  9. himesh is a real singer who sing from heart and he is real to

  10. u r the BEST bro

  11. will will will himesh humm he is my mopst wanted rocking stars today i really like his charecter and also his moves and his sound and my wanted song of himesh is tera mera melna bye love you himesh

  12. i dont know why i loive him so much maybe couse he is so handsome or maybe couse he has good sound wil but i know just one thing i love himeshy very very very very very very very very very very much love you himesh

    aliseena naderi azadmanish from kabul afghanistan

  13. himesh you rock

  14. 1978 chevrolet corvette

    1978 chevrolet corvette

  15. Himesh is realy good no 1 can beat him because he rock song

  16. well himesh as composed is really mindblowing ,i am fan of his compositon if we hear the track he composed before ashik banaya……..then they are too good ,eg humraz , atraz ,run ,mane pyar kyun keya , pyar keya to darna kya , tere naam ,Kahin Pyaar Na Ho Jaaye ,Dil Maange More , Silsiilay and most unbelivable BAnaras (classical) and many more ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    If you want to feel the music of himesh listen to the song which he has composed rather than the one he has sung …………..

  17. I thing that he is my best hero singer and also musician

  18. He is Pet dog of Salman khan… Paltu kutta ha,

  19. Hinduism ke name pe Kalank..

  20. Pet dog of Muslims

  21. Muslims are supporting him

  22. I don’t know himesh when he judge the show the voive India later when he saw in the film the xpose i know him less and his music is superb in that film but at that time he is not my favorite but when he release the film tera surroor i became crazy for him and his songs i always heard his songs means 13/24 hrs a day . All said that u r mad how can u choose a nasal singer.

    Later my craziness and love for himesh ji increases and i don’t realise. When i show himesh as a judge in any show like sa re ga ma pa and the voice kids and love me India kids i thought that i can also meet himesh ji as my singing is also superb. But i always forget it’s not my passion but every day i used to hear his songs which directly change my passion and goal. Because of him i started singing to meet him by a singing reality show and in class i always think about him and punished by teachers . I then thought that i never love himesh and i want to hate but loves as much increase that i m unable to hate him .
    Suppose if i hate him how can i hate him music?
    I really love him and his songs so much . I can’t hear a bad word him as once a time i break with my best friend shreya because she had used bad words for HR .
    If anyone asked me who is your fav singer i told them in this way :-
    A man whose singing is awesome fantastic fabulous energetic melodius superb historic and singer producer actor songer and world’s best actor supersinger suoerstar rockstar HR .

    So in India many people don’t have reall sense of music so they hate himesh i know his voice isn’t so good but his music is so fabulous outstanding and most heart touching.

    If u hear his music everyday it’s increase a craze in you . You can’t live without the music of himesh reshammiya.
    According to me i conclude that his songs is the soul of body and air of lungs without them we can’t live .
    Thus, his is the best pop singer of india and has been awarded with best male playback singer for aashiq banaya aapne. His voice is so unique as no one can copy him. His song is really give u relief when you r depressed🎡🎡🎡🎡


  23. Himesh reshammiya is the best male play back singer and composer . He voice isn’t so good but if u hear his songs u then realise and understand his music power and it’s directly touches the heart . As many people thought that how a pop song can give relief you tell him to hear the great and melodies songs of himesh ji either it’s composed by him , written by him or sung by him as a pop singer his songs real heart touching

    Love you HR u r the best and only and only Himesh you r my fav singer πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

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