Sun making money by going “green”

I was reading Jonathan Schwartz’s recent Blog post and he talks about how going “green” had helped Sun to reduce the cost of their servers by $700 to $1000. Now, that is a substantial savings indeed. My first reaction is how can this help my company – i mean, how can a Internet software startup do with “green” so that it can get in the “green” ($) bills.

Any ideas?

— T


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  1. well, isn’t money saved on power costs being translated to that much extra “green” (dollars) in ur company’s bank account ?
    Also these new servers supposedly perform better than their competitors and use less space (again more “green” in the bank account since you need less Real Estate space to store your servers)

  2. Another way to use less power, is to write more efficient software which requires less hardware. An application which can run on 9 servers instead of 10 will save money on the server itself, OS licenses, network bandwidth to the server, electricity to power the server, support of the server, and maintenance on the server.

  3. Hello Tim,
    I appreciate your comment but my point is really this – let us assume that I ALREADY have an efficient application, running on few Dell-edge servers. Now, will replacing the current servers with other “green friendly” servers help me in anyway? – especially, since i rack mount it at my ISP’s site? It doesn’t make my application any faster nor does it save me any $s – the ISP is still going to charge me the same.

    — Thyaga

    — Thyaga

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