Google snaps up Jotspot

Google is on a massive buying spree. After snapping up YouTube less than a month ago, they have gone ahead and bought Jotspot, the online Wiki company. Though this deal will be lesser than what they paid for YouTube, nevertheless, it clearly indicates Google’s growth and expansion policy. They definitely are moving ahead rapidly in the Office 2.0 space and the Software as a Service model (SAAS) will not be far from reality. This is going to be an interesting battle with Microsoft pitching for its Office/Vista 2007 versions and Google luring away more and more customers to a free online platform.

The battle has just begun !

— Thyaga

Changes needed in the Indian team

Do people like Viru, Pathan, Raina still deserve a chance in the Indian team? What is surprising is that even in spite of non-performances by these players in the recently concluded Champions Trophy, they have retained their places. What I find a little apalling is why performances in the domestic circuit is not taken into account? – lets bring in some fresh legs and lets see what changes that they can do.

At this rate, our World Cup dreams are just slipping by.

— Thyaga

Google’s new tool for Webmasters

Google has come up with a really cool tool for webmasters – it is called the Website Optimizer. The best part of it is that you can do various combination of pages to see which of the pages gets you the highest ad conversion. I haven’t played around with it – but there seems to be quite a buzz in the Blogosphere about this.

If you have checked it out, I would like to hear from you about it.

— T

Web 2.0 – for real?

If you thought that Web 2.0 is not for real, then you will love this site

— T

Google Docs and Spreadsheet

A while ago, I had posted on Google’s neat marketing trick of promoting Firefox – you can read more about it here. Today, i realized that they are doing it for their latest product innovation – Google Docs & Spreadsheet. Check out their home page now and see the link that I have highlighted:

Its amazing how Google manages to do these small but neat marketing things.