My famous prediction – Yahoo! will buy Zoho

Ok, you might think that i am out of my mind to predict something so drastic. But i really believe that Yahoo! will soon snap up Zoho simply because it has no visibility in the Office 2.0 space. We have already seen Google snap up YouTube to improve its footprint in the Online Video product category. However, Yahoo! does not need to worry about Online Video because it seems to be getting some good traffic numbers if Comscore’s data and Techcrunch is meant to be believed.

In today’s Web 2.0 world, the other area where there is a lot of competition but still no market leader, it has to be the Office 2.0 space and Zoho is appearing to be quite ahead of its competitors including Google. Yahoo! is yet to create any buzz in this space, Google is already doing acquisitions in this space and Microsoft already is doing some kind of online Office thing with its Windows Live platform. So, it is a perfect opportunity for Yahoo! to come in and snap up Zoho and nosedive ahead as the leader.

As for the price, i would put it anywhere from $35-50 million and that should be really sweet deal for Zoho.

Any takers? 🙂

— Thyaga


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