My India team for the World Cup

World Cup is just around the corner and there has been a slew of changes in the Indian cricket team recently. Here is my initial list for India for the World Cup:

  1. Sachin Tendulkar – opener – needs to play his natural game and not worry about how the team will do if he gets out
  2. Saurav Ganguly / Gambhir – opener – Caribbean pitches don’t bounce anymore and so Dada will be deadly in the opening slot. Keep Gambhir in the reserves
  3. Rahul Dravid – India’s most dependable batsman must come in this slot – not Pathan
  4. Yuvraj Singh – no questions here
  5. Kaif / Raina / Karthik / Sehwag – this is 1 slot that needs to be fixed pretty soon – we are still struggling here. Sehwag might get a chance here because he started off in the middle order.
  6. Dhoni – no questions here – good wicket keeper and extremely useful at the death
  7. Pathan / Joginder Sharma / Powar – the bowling all-rounder slot
  8. Harbhajan / Kumble – the spinner’s slot
  9. Zaheer Khan
  10. Munaf Patel / VRV – depends on who is in form
  11. Sri Sreesanth  – hopefully, he can carry on his form in the 1-dayers

Let me know if this matches your choices.

— Thyaga


4 Responses

  1. Nice order of batsmen…

    Kaif should not be there and instead have Sehwag. In the Bowler slot VRV and Munaf should not be there…

  2. Instead of VRV or Munaf, whom would you recommend? – its good to know that you are comfortable with the order of batsmen.

    The problem with Sehwag is that he is obviously very inconsistent and his fielding does not compare to Kaif’s. On the plus side, his bowling is an asset.

    You are right – this will be a tough choice.

    — Thyaga

  3. Situation changed… so instead of Gambhir it could be Robin Uthappa…
    Karthik and Sehwag will be in 15 and you pick one of them or Uthappa at 5.
    Agarkar will be in…
    and third pacer slot will be Munaf/Sreesanth…
    Bowler allrounder – Pathan

    So my squad of 15: Sachin, Ganguly, Uthappa, Dravid, Yuvraj, Sehwag, Karthik, Dhoni, Pathan, Agarkar, Zaheer, Kumble, Harbhajan, Munaf, Sreesanth

  4. […] is the final team list for the World Cup, 2007 in the Caribbeans? – see, how it matches up with my predictions – pretty close, […]

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