Back after a hiatus

Alright folks, those of you who were wondering where had I disappeared, here is a simple answer: I was always here … right here … but just taking a break :).

So, here is what happened:

(1). Finished my MBA – WHOOPIE !!!! – I just feel that I now have so much time on my hands :-). Trying to chill out in the evenings and not think about anything – not even my Blog.

(2).  India is out of the World Cup – felt completely gutted after this – especially with the way my favorite cricketer Tendulkar played. Probably, its time for him to say good-bye? – what do u think?

(3). Getting back to fitness – i have realized that my pants don’t fit me easily. So, its time to go back to the gym and shed those extra pounds.

Thats it folks – let me know what you guys have been upto. I promise to keep this Blog updated in the coming days.



Zync Plugin

Check out this new Plugin from the Y! Berkeley research labs – it allows u to share a video with your IM buddies and then watch the video together – bringing community together indeed.

As a start, once you have ur zync running, type in this line to watch a video:

watch <VIDEO_URL>