Yahoo! India Goes Local

Yahoo! India launched two India-specific products-Yahoo! India Our City and Yahoo! India Maps. Check them out РI could easily locate my home in Kolkata :). 

Enjoy !

— Thyaga


Top Things that I will take from the World Cup

Though the World Cup is far from over, there are few things that I shall never forget from this World Cup

(1). Bob Woolmer  Рhis death cast a huge shadow over the Cup, something that is yet to be lifted

(2). Bangladesh and Ireland – Both made it to the Super 8 – what was more heartening was the manner in which they played. Although they were clearly not as skilled as the other higher placed teams, they nevertheless possessed a big heart. Each managed a single win in the Super 8 too.

(3). India and Pakistan’s dismal failure – They didn’t reach the Super 8 – net effect, Inzi retired, Shoaib Malik is now the Pakistan captain, Sachin and Saurav have been “rested” for the Bangladesh series – overall, a very bad tournament for 2 of the most unpredicatable teams in world cricket

(4). Hot and cold teams – South Africa on one day could lose to Bangladesh and on the next day thrashed England within 20 overs. I have never seen such a contrast in performance by a team. Same can be said of West Indies – they were wonderful in the initial rounds but fizzled out in the Super 8. Lara announced his retirement from cricket.

(5). Australia continue to dominate World Cricket – the World cup is not yet over but I can already see some obvious signs. There is no team which is close to Australia in the World. To defeat Australia, both these conditions need to be true:

– > Australia play poorly

-> The other team plays exceptionally well.

What are your biggest takeaways from this World Cup – chime in.



What is wrong with this World Cup?

What is wrong with this World Cup – every day in the morning I get up, sleepishly put on the TV hoping to see an exciting match and a packed stadium – instead, most of the games, till now, have been quite dull and more than 50% of the stadium has been empty. Even for a West Indies match, the stadiums don’t get filled up.

There are various theories that are going around – high ticket fees, bad marketing, India and Pakistan not in Super 8 , Woolmer’s death etc and etc. I feel that it is a combination of many factors – not just one. The absence of India and Pakistan is definitely a very significant blow to the organizers who had hoped that this would draw the large Indian and Pakistani contingent from the US and UK. But that obviously has not materialized.

What do you think has gone wrong in this World Cup? – or do you feel that nothing is wrong and things are all fine?

Chime in …

— Thyaga

Joined the Indus Cricket Club

This season, I have joined the Indus Cricket Club – i know i am not very fit and that it will take me at least a couple of months to come anywhere close to match fitness – but i want to join a cricket club so that I can practice regularly and play the game that i like so much.

Of course, Susmita, as usual, has been very supportive about this – her only concern is that I might be able to take the load of a whole day’s cricket. I hope I can prove her wrong ;-).

Here is to a great cricket season ahead.



Yahoo! has 0 downtime

According to a report from Pingdom, Yahoo! had 0 downtime in 2007 todate compared to its competitors.

Sourch: Techcrunch