Vote for Y! Messenger for Webware 100 awards

Y! Messenger has been chosen as a finalise in the Communications category of the Webware 100 awards from CNET – HOORAY !!! ;-). You can vote here till June 11th.

— Thyaga

Back from vacation

We are back from our 4 day vacation from Toronto – Niagara and boy! – it was a lot of fun and relaxation. The weather was great and Niagara Falls was simply breath-taking. Toronto seemed to be a place with a lot of European influence and of course, good Indian food ;-). I shall write in details later – but for now, I shall leave you with a snap of the Niagara Falls – enjoy!


Toronto – Niagara: here we come


Today, we are going to Toronto and Niagara Falls for a 4 day vacation. It seems ages since we took one. After we completed our MBA in March, we wanted to take one immediately but i kept postponing it thanks to the World Cup. The fact that India did not perform well did not have too much effect on me ;-).

After that, it has been work for us mostly and so, we are really looking forward to this vacation. Hope the weather remains good.

Shall try to post my musings from there – keep checking.

Have a good weekend.

— Thyaga

Disappearing email in Thunderbird

Today, I experienced a very weird problem in Thunderbird – it opened up with a Blank profile ! After getting through my anxiety and doing some research, I realized that some file in my Thunderbird profile was corrupted. I then retrieved my profile directory from my corporate backup, copied over the pref.js file (i realized that that was the file that was corrupted) and then opened Thunderbird again. Finally, I could see all my folders, extensions, themes etc.

Did any of you experience anything like this?

— Thyaga

Cricket Highlights Blog

Check this site out – it is really useful to check out some cricket highlights … better if you have a RSS feed too ;-).



Inzi’s first interview – after World Cup, 2007

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Shrek 3 – Review

Shrek 3

Being part of a big and a growing company has its advantages and one of them is that we get tickets to yet-to-be-released movies such as Shrek 3. And the historic event happened today afternoon ;-).

As for the movie itself, i don’t think it was anything great – probably, it was almost similar to Part 2 of the sequel. In Part 3, Shrek rejects the idea of being a king, wants to find a suitable person to rule “Far Far Away” and wants to go back to his swamp to start his family with Fiona. Of course, there is your usual crude humor, action, comedy and songs to accompany all this. All in all, out of 5 stars, i would give it 3.

Now, coming back to the actual point – have u ever had an experience of watching a movie before it released? – chime in.