The Pan IIT meet

Last weekend, I had been to the Pan-IIT conference held at the Santa C lara Convention Center. It was a good place to meet up with old IIT buddies, live through nostalgia of the IIT days and also network and meet up with some new and interesting people.

I could not make it to the conference on Friday – so, I don’t have any updates from that day, excepting that Hillary Clinton spoke over the video :).

On Saturday, Susmita and I wanted to arrive early so that we could hear Arun Sarin. But we got delayed and so, we got to hear only the last 20 mins of the speech. After that,  I attended a session called “From Engineering to Finance” where the panelists were primarily talking about their experience in moving from a traditional Engineering job to a more Financial job. It was an OK session – i thought that it started off well but it digressed from the main topic. They were talking more about Financial jobs and what it is all about rather than the transition from Engineering.

The second breakout session that I attended was about Web 2.0 and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Om Malik, the founder of Giga Om who was moderating the program. The panelists were all very good and it was interesting to hear about what each had to say about monetization. I think, there is a lot of scope and companies still do not know the exact answer.

Lunch was decent – nothing to write home about. The after noon sessions were not all that interesting – there was one about the Director’s panel, where each director spoke about his IIT and what they have achieved. At the same time, there was one session where Shekhar Kapoor was talking about nothing in particular :). Finally, I attended another session in which 2 Nobel laureates were interviewed. That kind of wrapped up my first day in the conference.

I wasn’t really planning to come for the Sunday program but Susmita insisted that I go. They had exclusive sessions for the individual IITs. In the IIT KGP breakout session, I met up with some old friends, juniors, seniors and caught up with what each was upto. They also showed a video of KGP and that added a bit of nostalgia to all.

All in all, it was a decent conference – I wish I could attend more sessions – maybe next time. Btw, Susmita blogged about her experiences in her Blog  – check it out if you get a chance.

— Thyaga


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