Yahoo! India – a sponsor of 20/20 World Cup

Yahoo! India is going to be a sponsor of 20/20 World Cup – maybe hindsight is indeed 20/20 !

— Thyaga


2 Responses

  1. It will be better if politics don’t affect the 20-20…Let true players blast in 20-20..


  2. Thanks Indian 2020Team, Captain, current, and former Player’s,Coaches, regional manager’s, previous captains, Board, staff and the enitre CRICKET LOVING NATION, “India” for a wonderful tribute. The scar’s of losing the 2003 agaianst the Aussie, has given us all a new day to rise and smile and be proud once again. The same scars might have created some nerves to be looked at by the Aussies, themselves, as the tour ahead might be making the Aussie’s think ahead of the tour of India. Wonder what The CHAPPELL brother’s have to offer this time? go figure!!!
    Being and indian immigrant in the USA, and having attended a numerous sporting events i have seen all the die hard fans wave the US flag with much pride, while watching I often thought on how it would be when the the Tricolor would be waived?
    To my surprise, once an illusioned thought seemed to sparkle suddenly in front of me as i was now seeing so many die hard INDIAN cricket fan’S in the stadium that attended the game.
    The skies of Durban it could have not been suited better for a great script for the Tricolor to flutter and wave elegantly. Indian’s from near and far away carrying so many hopes, prayer’s and well wishes from the Indian subcontinent witnessed the young side come through another nailbiter.
    The sounds of dholak, bhangra beats with Harbhajan mingling in towards the end, with the Dj mixing both old and new bolloywood beats, and to add the slogan’s of “ganapathi bapa moriaya” made one long for a repeat final victory only to have another event in the backdrop in INDIAN sub continent now.
    This team lead by Dhoni seems to rewrite the script of Lagan. Dhoni has brought with him no big name player’s but rather a belief that if all INDIANS can come together we can create better and solid platforms. Yes, Dam if i may say it the Young side has PUT INIDA back on the world map. The FINAL will be witnessed and discussed in all parts of the World, the everso patient and encouraging/forgiving and learning Bharat society, be it the classes, high, middle, low, or the government offices, or the industries, the colleges, the schools, the temples, churches, guruduaras and masjid’s do i need to elaborate anymore. The streets will be filled with not one INDIAN individual that will be thrilled to speak out another strategy, talk about a decision right from the TOSS, each presenting his/her “What-if Scenario’s” to their audiences.
    Mr.Editor, the THEME CHAKDE shown repeatedly by the die hard fans, and that Diwali is not far away should be a mood of joy and hope for the millions to look forward to another day.
    My only wish is to see and be a spectacle this time is that the millions of happy tears that Dhoni and his playing ELEVEN is about to showcase on Monday.
    We will surely be sensing if not marvelling and some will mention THANK GOD FOR LISTENING TO MY PRAYER’S.

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