India win the Twenty 20 World Cup

Mahendra Singh Dhoni – led India overcame all odds and won the Twenty 20 World Cup. 80084.jpg

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This is indeed quite amazing considering that this India team was considered rank-outsiders for this tournament – especially since the Big 3 – Tendulkar, Dravid and Ganguly were not there. But hats off to the team and special credit to Dhoni to pull this through – he led with a calm assurance. We surely have found our future captain – no doubts about that.


— Thyaga


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  1. It was definitely a charming moment for all cricket lovers being something special as India Pak match. Hoping that India will never loose in worldcup against PAK in the 50 Over as well as 20 Over. Though at some point we all felt that the game might Slip from India’s hands. Thanks to Sreeshanth for taking that catch in that pressure game, though he gave some runs let us not mind that and join the party.


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