Switzerland Trip – Day 2

We had to postpone our plan of going to Jungfrau on this day because rains/clouds were forecast for that day on Jungfrau – however, Zermatt, another Alpine resort, was supposed to be sunny and so, we headed to Zermatt. Before we left for Zermatt, we had a hearty breakfast, which was, I must say, really good. Kudos to the hotel (Chalet Oberland, part of Best Western) for providing this as complementary in expensive Switzerland.

The route to Zermatt was – to go to Brig (a pretty town actually) from where we had to take the last leg of the Glacier Express, which is run by the Matterhorn Bahn private railway. Once in Zermatt, we made our way to the Kline Matterhorn through a series of gondolas and cable cars. The views from there of the Matterhorn were spectacular – also, it showed the vast expanse of the Alps for the first time – needless to say, it was cold indeed.

On our way back, we took another cable car to see the Schwarzsee Alpine Lake – but since it was getting late, we did not hike towards the lake. We took some snaps of the lake on the backdrop of the Matterhorn and then made our way back. One thing that needs to be mentioned about Matterhorn is that no vehicles are allowed – it is a smoke free zone. The bus which took us from the lift station to the train station was an “electric” train.

We reached Interlaken at 9:00 pm and then had dinner at an Indian restaurant very close to our hotel – Spice of India. The food was good and of course, it was expensive – but by now, I had stopped worrying about that – it was no point :-).


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