Switzerland Trip – Day 4

We had to check out our hotel in the morning – but we had reservation in another nearby hotel (Metropole) which was a high-rise one and we had splurged on a mountain facing room. Anyway, we checked in early, left the luggage with the reception and headed off to Lucerne. Our idea was to take the Golden Pass train with the panoramic cars. However, in the Interlaken – Lucerne section, only the first class had them. So, we upgraded our journey to first class (< 20 SF). The advantage of panaromic cars are that they have huge windows which go upto the ceiling – however, you can’t open them to take photos – you can always walk down to the 2nd class cars to get the snaps.

After a very scenic journey to Lucerne and getting our maps / information about Lucerne from TI office, we had our first taste of American meal – the Big Mac, of course. After a couple of sandwiches, we went to the Chapel bridge, old town, did a bit of shopping, lazed about in a cruise on Lake Lucerne (1 hour would have been better than 2), did some more shopping and finally had dinner at a Tandoori place – this place was a lot cheaper than the expensive restaurants that we had been having – so, that was kind on the wallet.

We got our keys to our room in the new hotel  ~ 10:30 and we were pleasantly surprised by the decent size of the room, modern furniture and of course, great view overlooking the Alps. The only con of the place was that the TV was small and guess who was the manufacturer of the TV – Nokia!


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