Switzerland Trip – Day 5

When we woke up, we were greeted by a spectacular view from our balcony – the ice-capped Jungfrau was visible right across our room. That made the room really worth it. We took our time to get ready and then checked out of the room but left the luggage at the hotel.

Our first stop today was the Trummelbach Falls near Lauterbrunnen. Since we had some time before our train was to depart, we spent some time in buying some souvenirs. Trummelbach Falls was quite amazing – we had to go inside the Eiger mountains to see the force at the which the water was grinding down the mountain. We spent around an hour there before heading to Grindelwald.

On arriving in Grindelwald, we had a decent lunch/snacks of a veg sandwich (good) and a cake (very very good). This café had a fantastic view of the First mountain and so, it was just wonderful sitting there and eating our lunch. After that, we took the Gondola to the First Mountain. This must have been the longest Goldola ride that we have taken – it was ~ 20 minutes in length and had 2 stops on the way. You could always get down and start hiking – the country side was just lush green and beautiful.

            After seeping in the views of the First mountain, we headed back to Interlaken. We took our luggage from our hotel and headed to Zurich. Around this time, my wife complained that she wasn’t feeling all that well. On arriving in Zurich, we went to a pharmacy and bought some cold decongestant and also something for the sore throat. Finally, we got our “# 10” tram for our hotel – the Hotel Leoneck was on the 2nd stop. The room was good and had ample space to move around and more importantly, it was clean. The TV was small and I had never heard the name of the manufacturer this time!


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