Yahoo! Messenger Team Cooking Offsite

Last week, we had a Yahoo! Messenger team cooking offsite event. I had never been to a cooking off-site event – so, i was a bit wary of how it was going to turn out.

We were divided into 3 tables and each table was supposed to cook a couple of dishes – it as all rustic Italian fare. My table was responsible for  Gnocchi – a potato based dish. The total cooking time for all the dishes was around 2 hours. We were also given wine to sip on during the spare time. All in all, it was a fun event and in the end, even the food that we cooked turned out delicious. Here are some snaps from the event.




One Response

  1. Hey, this sounds very cool — what company hosted your cooking offsite? I’m looking for ideas on an offsite myself.


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