Why the IPL is a success

IPL is a success – there is no question about it. View it in whichever angle you like – cricketing, marketing, entertainment – its a success from every sphere. To take an example, look at the crowd that turned up at Eden Gardens for a Kolkata match – the stadium is packed to capacity

The biggest success of IPL according to me is that it has successfully managed to cross the chasm and hit the mass market – it has successfully attracted the _not_so_enthusiastic cricket fans who usually do not have time for watching the match for the whole day – forget watching a Test match.  For example, middle-aged women who have never seen a cricket match, now throng the grounds with their kids – primarily because it gives them an entertainment package – evening time, 3.5 hours, carnival atmosphere , glimpses of film stars and of course, a chance to get out and spend the ever-increasing disposable income. Add good cricket to the mix and you just have a heady concoction.

If you cannot make it to the ground then not to worry – come back home, take a shower, have a coffee and sit in front of your TV – there is extra innings to entertain you with all sorts of tidbits before the match and then the match starts at 8:00 pm and goes on till 11 pm. Cricket now has become prime time television as well.

No wonder, the whole of India is hooked on to this.

— Thyaga

Coming to India

Hi All,

We are coming to India for a vacation from April 11th – May 10th. If you happen to be there and want to meet up, please do let me know – just ping me through the Comments.

As such, I shall be a bit lazy in publishing posts – i shall try though.



Yahoo! and Google testing Ad Search Partnership

Yahoo! and Google are testing Ad Search Partnership – this is very very interesting considering the whole environment that Yahoo! is in right now with the whole Microsoft cloud hanging over it. Although the ads would be only on 3% of the total queries, I wouldn’t be surprised if this extends to a longer relationship. The plot really thickens now.