Trying to be environment friendly

Ok – so, i am trying my best to be environment friendly. As a start, I am taking public transport to go to work. Also, the fact that gas prices are sky-rocketing also helped in making my decision. The past week was spent in figuring out what is the optimum time needed to reach office. So, here is the breakdown:

(1). Home to Great Mall Light Rail Station – 10 mins

(2). Great Mall Light Rail Station to Tasman Light Rail Station – 9 mins

(3). Tasman Light Rail Station – Old Ironside Station – 8 mins

(4). Y! Shuttle – 10 mins

The total time from my home to my desk at office is ~ 50 mins.

This is not bad because firstly, i don’t need to drive in the morning traffic. Additionally, I spend sometime in catching up on my magazine reading.

If you haven’t tried this option of commute out, i highly recommend it.




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  1. […] to my recent experiments in travel on public transport, i managed to read a good book – Freakonomics by Steven Levitt, a University of Chicago Economics […]

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