Aamir Khan’s Coca Cola ads

Ok- we all know Aamir Khan can act – but he is one guy who can make an ad come alive too. If you have not watched his Coca Cola ads, then it is time you do so now. If you have already seen them, then its no harm seeing them again. Another thing about these ads that is that every one gives a different message that relates to Coke in India – simply amazing.

(1). Aamir as a Bihari in a Safari suit – this is my personal best – the message was that a small bottle of Coke was now Rs 5.

(2). Aamir as a Tapori – the message was to link the word “Thanda” with “Coca Cola” and hence the slogan – “Thanda matlab Coca Cola”

(3). Aamir as a Jat – the message was that Coke was as so precious that people kept it hidden in wells.

(4). Aamir in a double role – as a NRI and Manno Bhabhi. The message was to convey to keep a bottle of Coca Cola at home.

(5). Aamir as a supposed Japanese tourist but speaks Hindi. The message was that Coca Cola was synonymous for quenching thirst everywhere.

(6). Aamir as a Bengali – this was released at a time when Coke received a lot of flak for impurities in the drink

(7). Aamir as a Nepali guide – this reiterates the fact that if there is anything “thanda”, it has to be Coca Cola

(8). Aamir as a bus steward – this conveys the message that everyone wants to have coke whenever possible