New feature in WordPress

Today, I noticed a new feature in WordPress. When you click on any Blog post, at the bottom of the post, you will find this:

Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)

I have never seen this before. For example, for the post about Aamir Khan and his Coca Cola ads, I get the following:

Pretty good, considering that it is automatically generated.




Cricketers to be given a choice between IPL and Test matches

Ok – today can be considered a landmark day in the history of cricket and this has gone by pretty unnoticed. The Sri Lankan cricket board has agreed to players’ requests and allowed them to play the IPL next year, which happens at the same time as the England – Sri Lanka series. This move could have more impact to the game – this means players now prefer the shorter version (less time, less energy, more money, more glamor) than the traditional Test matches. We all know that IPL was a huge success but does it mean that players are willing to skip Test matches for 20-20? – thats something for ICC to decide fast.

What do you think? – what should the players do?

— Thyaga