Merry Christmas

Wish you all a very very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


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— Thyaga

His finest?

One of the greatest innings

Seeing Sachin Tendulkar bat yesterday and score his 41st hundred and taking India to victory against England in the 1st Test match in Chennai in the company of Yuvraj Singh prompted me to think – is this his greatest innings? – is this the crowning glory of his career? – it has taken me at least a week to get over his innings – so, I am pretty sure that this innings will definitely be one of his most significant innings – especially since this series was played in the shadows of the terrorist attacks in Mumbai. Sachin, being a Mumbaikar, was pretty clear that this victory will never be able to wipe out people’s loss after the attacks but for 5 days during which the Test match was played, people forgot their sorrows for a while and basked in the glory of their favorite son – Sachin Tendulkar.

Coming back to his innings – it was pretty much an innings where he showed complete command of the situation. His experience helped him to guide Yuvraj Singh and together they brought India home in a record chase of 380+ runs. I don’t think England ever thought that this was a possibility. The fact that India managed to chase this down was pretty much due to the efforts of Virendra Sehwag, who, during a 2 hour afternoon session of manic hitting (83 of 68 balls) made the target achievable.



Google is serious about Chrome

Barely 14 weeks since it launched Chrome, Google has taken it out of beta – that is really fast compared to the trend that Google typically follows for its products.  I also see that they are promoting it quite heavily – i saw 2 Ad placements for Google Chrome on YouTube

Right hand side


At the bottom


— Thyaga

Change in Yahoo! Alerts

Looks like Yahoo@ Alerts has started to insert Text ads within the message starting from December 1st, 2008.

Yahoo! Alerts – before

beforeYahoo! Alerts – after


Effects of the bad economic times I guess …

— Thyaga

Tutti Frutti Yogurt

Yesterday, we had been to the Valco Mall in Cupertino and we tried out a very interesting dessert –Tutti Frutti Yogurt. Here you basically select whatever flavors you want, mix it together and then add your own toppings – and you can do this all by yourself. Finally, you are charged by the weight of the bowl.

For example, we took Mango, Strawberry and Chocolate flavors and topped it with nuts, chocolate chips, strawberries and cranberries. The whole bowl cost us ~$3.00. It was delicious and most importantly, it was light because it was just yogurt.

If  you haven’t tried it out, then please do – its a thumbs up from me.