Wall mounting a LCD TV

Recently, we bought a Samsung 40″ HD LCD TV from Amazon (definitely a lot cheaper).  Instead of calling the professional to wall mount the TV, we decided to mount it ourselves. Here are some instructions:

(1). Instead of buying an expensive Wall mount, we got the Cheetah mount from Amazon (again :)) for less than $30

(2). Here are the prerequisites for wall-mounting:

  • Pencil for marking
  • Power drill
  • Stud Finder
  • Level marker
  • Measuring Tape
  • Another person to help you

(3). First measure the width of the wall where you are going to mount the TV. This is needed because you want to mount the TV at the center of the wall. I wont go into the mechanics of how to do this – but this is fairly simple

(4). Then, using the Stud finder, mark the studs on the wall

(5). Place the mount frame on the wall (here you will need the help of another person) and then mark the holes on the wall that lie on top of the stud (use the pencil for this)

(6). Now drill the screws into the studs through the holes in the mount frame – this will need the other person to hold the frame still while you drill the screws in (use the power-drill for this – a lot easier)

(7). Once the frame is in, touch it and feel it and feel confident that it is secure enough. Also, ensure that the levels are horizontal and vertical by using the level marker.

(8). Next, drill the mounting arms on the back of the TV – for this, first put the TV on the bed facing downwards (this is how we did it)  – then, remove the stand that it comes with by default (fairly simple). After that, drill the mounting arms behind the TV

(9). Now is the finale – you and the other friend should now lift the TV from the bed and mount the arms so that it fits into the frame that you had finished putting in (7).

(10). If you are happy with the position (check again with the level marker), then drill the screws at the back at the bottom of the arms into the frame so that it ensures a tight fit.

Enjoy your TV 🙂




2 Responses

  1. Thyaga,

    I have a 47″ tv and a 14 months old. Its standing o a TV table, which I want to mount. Excellent description about how to go about wall mounting. I am actually going to use the instructions here to mount my TV.

    Thanks again

  2. Hi Ali,
    Nice to hear from you – i am glad that you found the instructions useful.

    Let me know how it goes.


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