Checked out of Yahoo! today

Today was my last working day @ Yahoo! (read this) – so, at the end of the day, I had to return my laptop, my RSA key and lastly my very own badge:

Bye – bye Yahoo! – thanks for the great times and lovely memories.




10 things that I have learnt working @ Yahoo!

Photo Source: Flickr

10 things that I have learnt in the last 3.5 years working @ Yahoo! – in no particular order:

(1). It is good to work hard but it is even better to work smart.

(2). Have fun and show passion in what you do – common is boring, different is good.

(3). Think in the scale of millions, not hundreds and thousands

(4). No question is stupid … ever

(5). When in doubt, ASK – people are super friendly.

(6). Don’t take yourself seriously and don’t mind being the butt of a joke 🙂

(7). Work is just work – not your life – so smile and have fun

(8). Avoid the cafeteria @ 3:00 pm – it seems everybody wants to have coffee at that time

(9). Conference Rooms are usually never available @ 11 am or 2 pm …

(10). Max speed in the Yahoo! parking garage sometimes seems to be 30 MPH – so, watch out for those turns.

All in all, a great place to work.

– Thyaga

Moving on from Yahoo!

Last Friday, I gave my 2-week notice of resignation @ Yahoo! – it has been a fruitful 3.5 years at Yahoo!, where I have had the privilege of working with some of the smartest people I have ever met and launching products that I am incredibly proud of.

One of the best things of being a Product person in a company like Yahoo! is that the scale of adoption of products is not in thousands but in millions – so, you know VERY soon whether your product is a hit (e.g. Facebook Like) or needs some serious work (e.g. Google Buzz) . Also, since products are usually global in nature, one can also experience some unique situations where a product takes off in the US market but has very little or no traction in other markets (e.g. Y! Messenger in Europe) and vice-versa (e.g. Orkut in India/Brazil)

At Yahoo! Messenger, I have worked on some very interesting product features such as voice and video communications which I sincerely believe will shape the next wave of real-time communications in the future. In my new role at Cisco-Webex, I hope to extend my learning in the real-time communications space to the collaboration and conferencing space as well.

I am quite excited about this new opportunity at Cisco-Webex, also known as the Collaboration Software Group within Cisco. Communication, conferencing, collaboration and social over the cloud for enterprises is a fast-growing market. To understand more about Cisco’s collaboration cloud strategy, read this and this.

Although my last day of work @ Yahoo! is on May 28th, I am fairly certain that I will wear purple even after that. Before I take on my new gig, I am taking a couple of weeks off from work – I hope to unwind, listen to music, read some books, catch up on sleep (important :)), play with my little one – in summary, just chill during those 2 weeks.

The job-search / interview process was quite long and strenuous – I guess, the market is still not back to its best yet – add to it the countless people who are still in the market and looking for a job. For me, sleep in the last few months was indeed a luxury :). In the end, I would like to thank my countless friends/colleagues/ex-colleagues (you all know who you are) who have helped me in my job search in so many ways – I shall be incredibly grateful to you all.