10 things that I have learnt working @ Yahoo!

Photo Source: Flickr

10 things that I have learnt in the last 3.5 years working @ Yahoo! – in no particular order:

(1). It is good to work hard but it is even better to work smart.

(2). Have fun and show passion in what you do – common is boring, different is good.

(3). Think in the scale of millions, not hundreds and thousands

(4). No question is stupid … ever

(5). When in doubt, ASK – people are super friendly.

(6). Don’t take yourself seriously and don’t mind being the butt of a joke 🙂

(7). Work is just work – not your life – so smile and have fun

(8). Avoid the cafeteria @ 3:00 pm – it seems everybody wants to have coffee at that time

(9). Conference Rooms are usually never available @ 11 am or 2 pm …

(10). Max speed in the Yahoo! parking garage sometimes seems to be 30 MPH – so, watch out for those turns.

All in all, a great place to work.

– Thyaga


One Response

  1. Hello, I have a small question for you Thyaga

    My name is Guillaume Belfiore. I created the official YMail Group and I’m coming to you for a small clarification about Y!Messenger.

    Basically it seems, for a given Yahoo ID (guillaume.belfiore), that I do not have the same messenger contacts in the desktop client and in Mail Messenger. I’ve searched for a clarification but I can’t find it. For example, if I want to chat with someone in Y!mail, I’m asked to first add this person as a contact, but then it does not show up in the client. Also for instance a contact who appears online in mail will appear offline in the client. Once added a second time in the client he then becomes online.

    Though i’d call myself a power-user i have to admit I have never understood how things worked on this level.

    Is it just me who’s being confused ? Do you mind explaining this to me ? Also if i am not alone, a post about this management would be great in the Messenger blog.

    Sorry to disturb. i did not know how to reach you

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