New feature in WordPress

Today, I noticed a new feature in WordPress. When you click on any Blog post, at the bottom of the post, you will find this:

Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)

I have never seen this before. For example, for the post about Aamir Khan and his Coca Cola ads, I get the following:

Pretty good, considering that it is automatically generated.




Aamir Khan’s Coca Cola ads

Ok- we all know Aamir Khan can act – but he is one guy who can make an ad come alive too. If you have not watched his Coca Cola ads, then it is time you do so now. If you have already seen them, then its no harm seeing them again. Another thing about these ads that is that every one gives a different message that relates to Coke in India – simply amazing.

(1). Aamir as a Bihari in a Safari suit – this is my personal best – the message was that a small bottle of Coke was now Rs 5.

(2). Aamir as a Tapori – the message was to link the word “Thanda” with “Coca Cola” and hence the slogan – “Thanda matlab Coca Cola”

(3). Aamir as a Jat – the message was that Coke was as so precious that people kept it hidden in wells.

(4). Aamir in a double role – as a NRI and Manno Bhabhi. The message was to convey to keep a bottle of Coca Cola at home.

(5). Aamir as a supposed Japanese tourist but speaks Hindi. The message was that Coca Cola was synonymous for quenching thirst everywhere.

(6). Aamir as a Bengali – this was released at a time when Coke received a lot of flak for impurities in the drink

(7). Aamir as a Nepali guide – this reiterates the fact that if there is anything “thanda”, it has to be Coca Cola

(8). Aamir as a bus steward – this conveys the message that everyone wants to have coke whenever possible

Shahrukh Khan’s sponsorship issue

I am surprised no one has made a big deal of this – or is this plain ignorance. Around a few months ago, Shah Rukh was busy promoting Kaun Banega Crorepati on Direct TV. In fact, there were hoardings all over regarding this – at least in USA where Direct TV was beaming KBC.

But now, it looks like King Khan has shifted his allegiance to a new camp – Dish Network. He is the brand ambassador for Dish Network in India – check out the latest ad:

Or is it that everyone wants a slice of King Khan? – anyone in brand advertising in India knowing anything of this issue? – fill in.

— Thyaga

Om Shanti Om – a must-see


[Photo Source:

Yesterday, we went to see our “Diwali movie”. There were 2 big releases this year – Om Shanti Om (OSO) and Saanwariya. We decided that we would go to see OSO but on checking at Naz (our Hindi theater), we realized that shows were all sold out. Luckily, it is being shown in an American theater as well ! – Century Berryessa.

Om Shanti Om is an amazing movie (review)- it is well directed, has a great script, good songs, dances and above all, all the actors including Shah Rukh Khan, Shreyas Talpade and newcomer Deepika Padukone have all acted well. It is a perfect family entertainer and probably, one of the best Hindi movies we have seen in a long time.

I would give 5 stars for the movie – go check it out.



Music Search Site

Got to know of a Music Search site – SeeqPod – it looks like niche search sites are ways to compete against the bigger search engines. It is definitely a very useful site – for e.g. search for Kishore Kumar in this music site – you will get songs by Kishore Kumar. In a typical search engine, you will get information related to Kishore Kumar – see here and here.



Interesting marketing from netflix

Today, I received an email from Netflix informing me that they have reduced the cost of my rental subscription. I have never seen my subscription to any service
go down without me calling them up and asking them to do so e.g. SBC DSL, SBC Phone Plans etc. So, it was indeed a pleasant surprise when i received this email today:


What do you think of this marketing style? – useful / effective / retain customers? – comments welcome.

— Thyaga

The A.R.Rehman Show – quite fantastic


A.R.Rehman’s 3rd Dimensional Tour – Oakland, 2007

We attended the A.R.Rehman’s 3rd dimensional tour at the Oracle Arena at Oakland and I must say that it was quite magnificient. Apart from A.R.Rehman, there was Chitra, Hariharan, Sadhna Sargam, Madhushree, Sukhwinder and Naresh “Rubaroo” Iyer :). The concert started around 30 minutes late but once it started, it was rock ‘N roll till the end around 3 hours later.