Interesting Street Sign

One day while I was returning from work, I took a detour to complete an errand. One of the side streets had a very interesting speed sign – 19 miles / hour bend.

Why would anyone have 19 mph? – just make it 20 – i still don’t get it. Do you?

— Thyaga


Apple’s iPhone 3G

As you can well imagine, i have been playing around with the iPhone 3G quite a bit over the past few days. No questions that the iPhone is definitely one of the most cherished electronics gadget i have ever bought / owned :). Having said that, here is my initial review of the phone:

(1). The touch screen is very cool – doesn’t take too much time to get used to. However, typing anything by “tapping” into the touch screen will take time, especially if you have thick fingers like me :).

(2). The native Application such as You Tube, Y! Weather, Y! Finance etc are great but they do not use your online settings. For example, I had created multiple portfolios created in Y! Finance but there is no way to import them into the native Application.

(3). Using 3G / Wi-Fi often consumes a lot of battery 😦

(4). 3G is not fast at all places, but it is definitely better than having no connection 🙂

(5). What makes the iPhone really cool are the APPs that can be downloaded into the phone – either FREE or paid. Some of the popular FREE APPs that I have tried are the Facebook (cool), LOOPT (did not work for me), YELP (good), WHERE (good) APPs.

Do you know of any good APPs that you have used? – e.g. IM, VOIP ?

More later,


First post from my iPhone

Ok – I got my iPhone3G over the weekend and I have been playing around with it. I downloaded the WordPress app and this is the first post through it.

More later.

— Thyaga