Courses that I took during my MBA at Santa Clara University

A lot of people have always asked me about courses that I took during my MBA at Santa Clara University. I have also added the name and profile of the Professor who taught the courses along with the Year and Quarter when I took them.

Course Description Professor Year QTR
ACTG 301 Financial Accounting Ursula Kashmitter 2004 FALL
MGMT 501 Managerial Competencies and Team Effectiveness Holly Schroth 2004 FALL
MKTG 551 Marketing Analysis and Decisions Stephen Corio 2005 WINTER
OMIS 353 Statistical Methods Steven Nahmias 2005 WINTER
ECON 401 Economics for Business Decisions John Heineke 2005 SPRING
OMIS 355 Computer-Based Decision Models Andy A. Tsay 2005 SPRING
MGMT 505 Social, Political, and Legal Environment of Business James Kelly 2005 SUMMER
ECON 405 Macroeconomic Theory and Policy Hugh McAllister 2005 SUMMER
FNCE 451 Financial Management Robert A. Collins 2005 FALL
MKTG 553 Competitive Marketing Strategy Fabio Caldieraro 2005 FALL
FNCE 455 Investments John Fay 2006 WINTER
MKTG 590 Channel Marketing Dale Achabal 2006 WINTER
IDIS 705 Leadership for Justice and Prosperity James L. Koch 2006 WINTER
MGMT 503 Organizational Analysis and Management Terri Griffith 2006 SPRING
FNCE 480 Emerging Company Finance Robert Hendershott 2006 SPRING
MKTG 592 Internet Marketing and eCommerce Kirthi Kalyanam 2006 SPRING
MKTG 574 Sales Management Stephen Corio 2006 SUMMER
FNCE 714 PRIVATE EQUITY Robert Hendershott 2006 SUMMER
FNCE 715 VENTURE CAPITAL Robert Hendershott 2006 SUMMER
FNCE 716 GROWTH CAPITAL Robert Hendershott 2006 SUMMER
ACTG 313 Management Accounting: Strategic Cost Management Rick Steingart 2006 SUMMER
OMIS 357 Operations Management Andy A. Tsay 2006 FALL
MKTG 572 Product Market Planning and Strategy Carl Steffen 2006 FALL
MKTG 566 Small Business Entrepreneurship Albert V. Bruno 2006 FALL
FNCE 460 Mergers, Acquisitions, and Corporate Restructuring Atulya Sarin 2007 WINTER
IDIS 619 Capstone Tammy Madsen 2007 WINTER

Hope this helps you all for whatever it is worth.




Book Review – Freakonomics

Thanks to my recent experiments in travel on public transport, I managed to read a good book – Freakonomics by Steven Levitt, a University of Chicago Economics professor and Steven Dubner, a NYT journalist . This book is all about statistics and data and how the author manages to bring out hidden facts that could be the actual cause of a few incidents that have happened in the past. Instead of I providing a book review, I am quoting an excerpt from the Amazon Editorial review:

For example, Levitt traces the drop in violent crime rates to a drop in violent criminals and, digging further, to the Roe v. Wade decision that preempted the existence of some people who would be born to poverty and hardship. Elsewhere, by analyzing data gathered from inner-city Chicago drug-dealing gangs, Levitt outlines a corporate structure much like McDonald’s, where the top bosses make great money while scores of underlings make something below minimum wage. And in a section that may alarm or relieve worried parents, Levitt argues that parenting methods don’t really matter much and that a backyard swimming pool is much more dangerous than a gun.

I really enjoyed reading this book – it offers a fresh perspective on a lot of known issues. Most importantly, from now on, I hope I will be more willing to question some incident or event and depend on data to make any conclusions or correlation or causality.

Have you guys read it? – if yes, what did you feel about it?

— Thyaga

Why is Yahoo! not helping Yahoo!

Today, I heard an interesting piece of news – “Yahoo! Beats Google in Customer Satisfaction” – of course, it got me all excited and the first thing I did was Search for this news.

Search in Yahoo! reveals this:


Search in Google reveals this:


Interesting isn’t it? – maybe Yahoo! beat Google in Customer Satisfaction, but it will take a while to beat them in the Search business. Nevertheless, it is a start – as you know, in Internet, things can just grow virally!

So, that makes me wonder – why is a Yahoo! piece of good news not helping Yahoo! ? – ideas? 😉

— Thyaga

Beta Gamma Sigma Initiation Ceremony

A couple of weeks ago, I was initiated into the Beta Gamma Sigma society, an International honor society to recognize scholastic achievement in business schools. At SCU, it is given to students who constitute the top 20% of graduating students every year.

Feels good and I must say that this would not be possible without the continuous support of my wife.



What happened to me?

Long time – no post !

Just an update – I have been terribly busy preparing for the end term exams and presentations and documents at Santa Clara.

Things are easing up now – me happy now amigo !


Been a bit busy …

I have been horribly busy – class, work, assignments have just kept me too busy – shall Blog as soon as i get my time and sanity back.

— Thyaga

Stanford to accept GRE Scores for their MBA program

Stanford has decided to accept GRE scores as well for their MBA program – this is indeed a very interesting and bold move. Millions of people all over the world write the GMAT for admission to the MBA Schools – with this move, it gives these people an alternative way to enter MBA schools. What should be interesting to see is how well Stanford can pull this off – how are they going to rate the difficulty of a GRE exam with that of GMAT? – in other words, whats the relative importance of GRE scores with that of a GMAT score? – is there any difference at all?

Read on …

— T