Tutti Frutti Yogurt

Yesterday, we had been to the Valco Mall in Cupertino and we tried out a very interesting dessert –Tutti Frutti Yogurt. Here you basically select whatever flavors you want, mix it together and then add your own toppings – and you can do this all by yourself. Finally, you are charged by the weight of the bowl.

For example, we took Mango, Strawberry and Chocolate flavors and topped it with nuts, chocolate chips, strawberries and cranberries. The whole bowl cost us ~$3.00. It was delicious and most importantly, it was light because it was just yogurt.

If  you haven’t tried it out, then please do – its a thumbs up from me.




Pasta Pomodoro – a new experience

Yesterday, we had gone to an Italian restaurant, Pasta Pomodoro. Both Susmita and I don’t frequent Italian restaurants very much, primarily because the food is quite rich and also, we (I) are (am) not great fans of pasta. Anyway, I wanted to take Susmita out yesterday to a different cuisine after the classes. Susmita is leaving for Israel at the end of the week and so, it is only natural that she be given super-special treatment :).

Actually, I was visibly surprised by the quality of service and more by the quality of food. They were just superb. Before the waiter came to take the order, there was a manager who came and talked to us and made us feel “comfortable”. We ordered 1 Rigatoni and a Penne Portebello, in addition to a starter dish of Bruschetta. The food was just sumptuous and we had a wonderful time. Also, the price was very reasonable :).

So, if you guys are in a mood to have something different from the usual fare of Indian/Chinese/Thai food, then this is a very good option indeed.

— Thyaga

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Sarawana Bhawan – South Indian Food served American style

The last weekend, Susmita and I had been to the new Sarawana Bhawan (yes! – the same guys from Chennai) for lunch. They had shifted their business to a new and a bigger location (from Castro, Mountain View to Mary, Sunnyvale).

Here’s is the list of things in their location that I found was different from their previous location :

  1. Bigger and spacious Parking Lot – the previous location had almost very little parking space, making parking there a virtual nightmare. Thankfully, things are a lot better here.
  2. The restaurant is at least 2 times the capacity of the previous location – this means that you don’t have to wait outside in queue and you will be taken inside quite fast. Of course, there was still a small queue, but it was far less compared to the long ones that used to mark the older Sarawana Bhawan.
  3. The best part is the American touch ! – you are escorted into the restaurant to your seat by an American, well-dressed in coat and suit and wearing tie. This is DEFINITELY new :).
  4. Menu – the menu seemed to be the same and so was the price. Of course, the menu card is new and very sleekly designed.

Overall, we had a good experience with the food there, though the coffee was just too bitter for our tastes.

What puzzled me was that there were so many non-Indians in the restaurant too. I didn’t know South Indian food was also popular among the non-Indians. The only food I knew that most Americans loved was ‘Chicken Tikka Masala’ (for whatever reason). But looking at the non-Indian crowd in Sarawana Bhawan, one can safely say that things are indeed changing.

Bon Apetit !