World’s most useful sites …

PC world released its list of the world’s most useful sites – here you go,128248/printable.html

Enjoy 🙂


List of coupons …

Got this link from a Marketing Blog that i regularly read. This has coupon code that you could use for your shopping needs this year.


Bloglines down but checkout their message

A couple of days ago, I had Blogged about the pleasant message that LinkedIn shows when it is down :). Today, it was the turn of Bloglines, the Browser based RSS reading website. Check this out:

Now, the question to be asked is – why are these sites going down so often? – hmmm, good point. Any takers?

— Thyaga

LinkedIn down but checkout the message

When i went to access LinkedIn today, I realized that it was down. However, instead of the “Page not found”, “Server Maintenance going on”, “Sorry for the inconvenience” etc type of messages greeting me, I found a page which was telling me the same thing but in a more pleasant way:

Lesson to be learnt – you can be sorry for what you have done BUT if you want to express that to your customer without making them feel bad about you, you just need to express it in a pleasant way – the bitter taste kind of goes off. Neat marketing trick which expresses the message but still keeps your customers loyal. Now, how many businesses do that? – I know of a handful.

How about you?

— Thyaga

Power of LinkedIn

Today, i linked up with a fellow student at SCU MBA school. After linking with each other, we realized that we have more things in common – he also started his career at SPCNL in Bangalore and he happened to have an ex Vitalect employee as his former manager.

Small world – made smaller by networking sites such as LinkedIn


Monetizing the Blogosphere …

2 years ago, the Blogosphere was exploding – there were the early adopters who took to Blogging and have been active at it ever since. Many of these guys in fact, make significant revenues just by Blogging. Imagine, sitting in your chair and writing about anything that you like and yeah! – make a lot of $$s too :). Here is a nice Blog Post on the monetizing of the Blogosphere.

Interested? – then start off

— T

Mini Microsoft or Blogger problem

When I went to Mini Microsoft today, I found this on the screen:

No idea what this is – some header information is messed up? – or is it the Growing pains of Blogger?

Any idea?