Number 41

Sachin after his 41st hundred


76 balls – 100* – great!


— Thyaga

Call 800 numbers for FREE using Y! Messenger

Y! Messenger Logo

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Here is a piece of interesting news – you can now call 800 numbers for FREE from anywhere in the world. Check out the related Blog Posts:

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Yahoo! – what to expect in 2007

Right from the CEO’s mouth … lets hope for the best.

— Thyaga

Product & Place

Nice article on how “product” alone is not enough to ensure success – you need distribution (“place”) as well.

— Thyaga

Welcome back Dada

Dada is back

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A brilliant 98 at Nagpur announced to the world that he is back !


— Thyaga

Geni – Build you Family Tree

Check out Geni – a website to build your Family Tree. This is so viral and so cool ! – probably, down the road, I shall find that someone whom I knew might be related to me. LinkedIn anyone?

— Thyaga

President of India on Y! Answers

This is incredible – the President of India is on Y! Answers and asking questions and getting responses too.