Call India for FREE on Holi

Yahoo! Voice is coming up with a very attractive promotion during the week of Holi – the best part is that you can anyone in India for FREE – you need to sign up as a Premium user first though.



Project Panama – picking up pace …

Looks like Yahoo! might have hit the bull’s eye with Panama, its new advertising platform. This is the latest coverage on B’Week.
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Every number has a story …

Check out this site – you will find some amazing and interesting facts about almost every number … very interesting indeed.

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World Cup Team – in pictures


[Photo Source:, Robin Uthappa:

Team India for the Caribbean !

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India announces team for the World Cup

Here is the final team list for the World Cup, 2007 in the Caribbeans? – see, how it matches up with my predictions 🙂 – pretty close, eh?

I have some concerns:

(1). Sehwag is obviously out of form – but he has been persisted because he could be a match-winner. If you ask me, any decent player will play a match-winning innings in 20 innings !

(2). Romesh Powar was unlucky to miss out – what is Kumble doing in the World Cup squad ? – is that required? – his fielding is not good and his batting is also ordinary

(3). SreeSanth should consider himself lucky to make it to the squad – he needs to bowl well consistently – lets see

(4). Irfan Pathan has been selected because he lends a balance – that is true only if he bowls well !

What do you guys think? – let me know.
— Thyaga

Himesh to stop singing …

Is this good news? – don’t know. But I agree with the article that you either love him or hate him – no middle ground. An earlier Blog post

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