Courses that I took during my MBA at Santa Clara University

A lot of people have always asked me about courses that I took during my MBA at Santa Clara University. I have also added the name and profile of the Professor who taught the courses along with the Year and Quarter when I took them.

Course Description Professor Year QTR
ACTG 301 Financial Accounting Ursula Kashmitter 2004 FALL
MGMT 501 Managerial Competencies and Team Effectiveness Holly Schroth 2004 FALL
MKTG 551 Marketing Analysis and Decisions Stephen Corio 2005 WINTER
OMIS 353 Statistical Methods Steven Nahmias 2005 WINTER
ECON 401 Economics for Business Decisions John Heineke 2005 SPRING
OMIS 355 Computer-Based Decision Models Andy A. Tsay 2005 SPRING
MGMT 505 Social, Political, and Legal Environment of Business James Kelly 2005 SUMMER
ECON 405 Macroeconomic Theory and Policy Hugh McAllister 2005 SUMMER
FNCE 451 Financial Management Robert A. Collins 2005 FALL
MKTG 553 Competitive Marketing Strategy Fabio Caldieraro 2005 FALL
FNCE 455 Investments John Fay 2006 WINTER
MKTG 590 Channel Marketing Dale Achabal 2006 WINTER
IDIS 705 Leadership for Justice and Prosperity James L. Koch 2006 WINTER
MGMT 503 Organizational Analysis and Management Terri Griffith 2006 SPRING
FNCE 480 Emerging Company Finance Robert Hendershott 2006 SPRING
MKTG 592 Internet Marketing and eCommerce Kirthi Kalyanam 2006 SPRING
MKTG 574 Sales Management Stephen Corio 2006 SUMMER
FNCE 714 PRIVATE EQUITY Robert Hendershott 2006 SUMMER
FNCE 715 VENTURE CAPITAL Robert Hendershott 2006 SUMMER
FNCE 716 GROWTH CAPITAL Robert Hendershott 2006 SUMMER
ACTG 313 Management Accounting: Strategic Cost Management Rick Steingart 2006 SUMMER
OMIS 357 Operations Management Andy A. Tsay 2006 FALL
MKTG 572 Product Market Planning and Strategy Carl Steffen 2006 FALL
MKTG 566 Small Business Entrepreneurship Albert V. Bruno 2006 FALL
FNCE 460 Mergers, Acquisitions, and Corporate Restructuring Atulya Sarin 2007 WINTER
IDIS 619 Capstone Tammy Madsen 2007 WINTER

Hope this helps you all for whatever it is worth.



Cricinfo Latest Photos

Testing out the new Widgets from Cricinfo

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New feature in WordPress

Today, I noticed a new feature in WordPress. When you click on any Blog post, at the bottom of the post, you will find this:

Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)

I have never seen this before. For example, for the post about Aamir Khan and his Coca Cola ads, I get the following:

Pretty good, considering that it is automatically generated.



Cricketers to be given a choice between IPL and Test matches

Ok – today can be considered a landmark day in the history of cricket and this has gone by pretty unnoticed. The Sri Lankan cricket board has agreed to players’ requests and allowed them to play the IPL next year, which happens at the same time as the England – Sri Lanka series. This move could have more impact to the game – this means players now prefer the shorter version (less time, less energy, more money, more glamor) than the traditional Test matches. We all know that IPL was a huge success but does it mean that players are willing to skip Test matches for 20-20? – thats something for ICC to decide fast.

What do you think? – what should the players do?

— Thyaga

Aamir Khan’s Coca Cola ads

Ok- we all know Aamir Khan can act – but he is one guy who can make an ad come alive too. If you have not watched his Coca Cola ads, then it is time you do so now. If you have already seen them, then its no harm seeing them again. Another thing about these ads that is that every one gives a different message that relates to Coke in India – simply amazing.

(1). Aamir as a Bihari in a Safari suit – this is my personal best – the message was that a small bottle of Coke was now Rs 5.

(2). Aamir as a Tapori – the message was to link the word “Thanda” with “Coca Cola” and hence the slogan – “Thanda matlab Coca Cola”

(3). Aamir as a Jat – the message was that Coke was as so precious that people kept it hidden in wells.

(4). Aamir in a double role – as a NRI and Manno Bhabhi. The message was to convey to keep a bottle of Coca Cola at home.

(5). Aamir as a supposed Japanese tourist but speaks Hindi. The message was that Coca Cola was synonymous for quenching thirst everywhere.

(6). Aamir as a Bengali – this was released at a time when Coke received a lot of flak for impurities in the drink

(7). Aamir as a Nepali guide – this reiterates the fact that if there is anything “thanda”, it has to be Coca Cola

(8). Aamir as a bus steward – this conveys the message that everyone wants to have coke whenever possible

Who is Ajantha Mendis?

Ok – the whole of cricket fraternity is abuzz and curious to know more about Ajantha Mendis after he bamboozled the Indian batsmen in the Asia Cup final for figures of 6 for 13 – magical figures by any standards.

Surely, Jayawardene’s decision to rest Mendis during the league game against India to keep him as a mystery weapon for the final, looks like a masterstroke. In fact, Dhoni himself admitted that none of the batsmen were able to pick him up properly.

It is difficult to describe Mendis actually. He is technically an off-spinner but bowls googlies, doosras, flipper and leg-break. Take a look at this video from the recent Sri Lanka – West Indies series where they try to analyze his various deliveries – it does sound pretty tough to pick up:

Next Murali?

— T

Sport filled weekend

Firstly, happy July 4th to all.

The weekend was filled with a lot of sporting action. Firstly, Ajantha Mendis spun a magic around the Indian batsmen in the Asia Cup final and helped Sri Lanka to defeat India by 100 runs. It was amazing that not a single Indian batsman was able to pick him up. I think the challenge for Mendis is going to begin now – the whole world will be analyzing his action and trying to pick up his variations. So, the upcoming India – Sri Lanka series should be really interesting.

In Wimbledon, Rafael Nadal defeated Roger Federer in a marathon final with the 5th and final set going to 9-7. It was truly a well-deserved win and it marked the first time in 65 matches that Roger Federer was defeated in Wimbledon. On the women’s side, Venus Williams defeated Serena Williams in an all-sister affair.

Also happening at the same time are the US Olympic trials – there have been some amazing stories (Phelps, Torres, Gay) from the trials – i think the Olympics starting on 08.08.08 are going to be a cracker indeed.

Hope you all had a great weekend.

— Thyaga