India at the Olympics

Firstly, a huge CONGRATULATIONS to Abhinav Bindra (Gold), Sushil Kumar (Bronze) and Vijender Kumar (Bronze) for making the country proud by their performances at the games. What is interesting is that these were achieved in games with which you typically don’t associate India – shooting, wrestling and boxing. Add to it that India is the land of Mahatma Gandhi, then the irony of the achievements does hit you hard :).

Nevertheless, it is an achievement worth savoring.


— Thyaga

India Independence Day celebration at Yahoo

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Apple’s iPhone 3G

As you can well imagine, i have been playing around with the iPhone 3G quite a bit over the past few days. No questions that the iPhone is definitely one of the most cherished electronics gadget i have ever bought / owned :). Having said that, here is my initial review of the phone:

(1). The touch screen is very cool – doesn’t take too much time to get used to. However, typing anything by “tapping” into the touch screen will take time, especially if you have thick fingers like me :).

(2). The native Application such as You Tube, Y! Weather, Y! Finance etc are great but they do not use your online settings. For example, I had created multiple portfolios created in Y! Finance but there is no way to import them into the native Application.

(3). Using 3G / Wi-Fi often consumes a lot of battery 😦

(4). 3G is not fast at all places, but it is definitely better than having no connection 🙂

(5). What makes the iPhone really cool are the APPs that can be downloaded into the phone – either FREE or paid. Some of the popular FREE APPs that I have tried are the Facebook (cool), LOOPT (did not work for me), YELP (good), WHERE (good) APPs.

Do you know of any good APPs that you have used? – e.g. IM, VOIP ?

More later,


First post from my iPhone

Ok – I got my iPhone3G over the weekend and I have been playing around with it. I downloaded the WordPress app and this is the first post through it.

More later.

— Thyaga