Interesting marketing from netflix

Today, I received an email from Netflix informing me that they have reduced the cost of my rental subscription. I have never seen my subscription to any service
go down without me calling them up and asking them to do so e.g. SBC DSL, SBC Phone Plans etc. So, it was indeed a pleasant surprise when i received this email today:


What do you think of this marketing style? – useful / effective / retain customers? – comments welcome.

— Thyaga


Couple of Sachin knocks


[Photo source:

Looks like Sachin may finally be getting back to his old form – 2 solid 90s – 1 in a winning cause have definitely silenced his critics for sometime now. The 93 that he scored today against South Africa to take them to victory was sparkling indeed. Let us just hope that he keeps up this form during India’s tour of England – it will be very much needed.



Internet Radio – Day of silence

Today, when I logged into Yahoo! Messenger, I saw something that I had never seen before – my launchcast plugin gave me this message:


After reading Techcrunch, I now know that it was Internet Radio – Day of Silence day as a mark of protest against Internet Radio loyalty fees.

— Thyaga

Bose Speakers for IPOD


So I finally have my first Bose Speakers – Susmita gave me a pair of Bose Speakers for my IPOD on my Birthday yesterday. They are excellent and the sound quality is something that one can only dream of. The good part of it is that it is small and compact and hence can easily fit into any corner of the house. For now, apart from listening to the endless number of MP3s on my IPOD, I plan to listen to podcasts as well.

If you have any suggestions on the podcasts to listen to, please do let me know.



My first “decent” bowling performance !

After a couple of non-descriptive performance in the cricket field and feeling disappointed that I haven’t performed as per my expectations, I finally had a decent performance -nothing to get very excited about but something that I can take a lot of heart from. As a start, i did a lot of running in the week leading to the game and most of the running was in the heat so as to get myself used to “dehydration” – something that always leads to cramps. Second, I tried to drink a lot of water in the week leading to the game to keep myself hydrated. I think, these coupled with the fact that Susmita took good care of my fragile back were good enough for me to bowl 9 overs, take 3 wickets and give away only 30 runs. I know I can do better (e.g. stop the unnecessary wides, bowl a yard faster etc) but for that I need to keep working on my fitness.

Anyway, for now, it is time for me to just enjoy this feeling – it has been a long time coming. Hoping for better cricketing times ahead 🙂 – phew!

Keep playing!

— Thyaga

Did Vaughan utter “Fredalo”

Did he or did he not … did he or did he not … looks like he did ! – check out the audio tapes of the interview on Guardian …

— Thyaga

The A.R.Rehman Show – quite fantastic


A.R.Rehman’s 3rd Dimensional Tour – Oakland, 2007

We attended the A.R.Rehman’s 3rd dimensional tour at the Oracle Arena at Oakland and I must say that it was quite magnificient. Apart from A.R.Rehman, there was Chitra, Hariharan, Sadhna Sargam, Madhushree, Sukhwinder and Naresh “Rubaroo” Iyer :). The concert started around 30 minutes late but once it started, it was rock ‘N roll till the end around 3 hours later.