Hayden calls Bhajji an “obnoxious weed”

Looks like the verbal games off the cricket field between India and Australia are not over.


[Photo Sources: http://www.rediff.com and http://www.smh.com.au%5D

Matthew Hayden, in an interview, to a radio station, has called Harbhajan Singh (“Bhajji”) an “obnoxious weed”. For those you who want to know what means, here it goes.

Ah well – the games that they play!

— T


Whats your preferred social network?

With the proliferation of social networks, its probably a good question to ask one another Рwhat is your preferred social network. For me, LinkedIn was the first social network that i actively used for professional networking  Рi must say that it was quite useful indeed. I have managed to create a good professional network and i also managed to get some good job leads when I was searching for a job.

The other networking sites that I have used quite recently are Facebook and Orkut.

What do you use? – let me know by adding your comment.

— Thyaga

Why is the HDFC Trading Site down?

Hmm – it looks like HDFC is undergoing a maintenance now – but this is the time when the stock market is open – so, how do investors trade? – it does seem to be some major issue that they are unaccessible when users need it most.

At least I seem to suffer from this – i was hoping to do some trades in India today.

What about you guys? – what do you use to trade in India? – have you faced quality issues?

— Thyaga

Shahrukh Khan’s sponsorship issue

I am surprised no one has made a big deal of this – or is this plain ignorance. Around a few months ago, Shah Rukh was busy promoting Kaun Banega Crorepati on Direct TV. In fact, there were hoardings all over regarding this – at least in USA where Direct TV was beaming KBC.

But now, it looks like King Khan has shifted his allegiance to a new camp – Dish Network. He is the brand ambassador for Dish Network in India – check out the latest ad:

Or is it that everyone wants a slice of King Khan? – anyone in brand advertising in India knowing anything of this issue? – fill in.

— Thyaga

Microsoft offers $44.6 Billion to acquire Yahoo!

Mircosoft made an unsolicited attempt to acquire Yahoo! for $44.6 Billion. Obviously, both the software giant and the Internet media giant are currently struggling to compete effectively with Google in the Internet search advertising industry, with Google’s market share increasing its lead over them with each passing day. The offer effectively means that the price per share for Yahoo! is $31 and it is a 62% premium over Yahoo’s current $19. The offer sent Yahoo!’s share soaring to ~28 a share by the end of trading day.

Obviously this saga is not going to end soon. I am pretty sure Yahoo! will now mull over the offer, maybe ask for a higher price ($50 – $60 B?) and then Microsoft might come back with a counter offer. Whatever happens, it has definitely marked the beginning of an interesting phase for Yahoo!. With layoffs within Yahoo! confirmed, it emphasizes the need for Yahoo! to get its act straightened out.

What do you think? Рis it better to take the offer or not?  Рlet me know.

— Thyaga