Pasta Pomodoro – a new experience

Yesterday, we had gone to an Italian restaurant, Pasta Pomodoro. Both Susmita and I don’t frequent Italian restaurants very much, primarily because the food is quite rich and also, we (I) are (am) not great fans of pasta. Anyway, I wanted to take Susmita out yesterday to a different cuisine after the classes. Susmita is leaving for Israel at the end of the week and so, it is only natural that she be given super-special treatment :).

Actually, I was visibly surprised by the quality of service and more by the quality of food. They were just superb. Before the waiter came to take the order, there was a manager who came and talked to us and made us feel “comfortable”. We ordered 1 Rigatoni and a Penne Portebello, in addition to a starter dish of Bruschetta. The food was just sumptuous and we had a wonderful time. Also, the price was very reasonable :).

So, if you guys are in a mood to have something different from the usual fare of Indian/Chinese/Thai food, then this is a very good option indeed.

— Thyaga

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