Google’s neat marketing trick

As many of you know, Microsoft recently released the IE 7 beta version. Amongst the many enhancements, one of the most important ones is the ability for Tabbed Browsing, a feature that was made popular by the Firefox browser and which people have started to just love universally. What this meant was that Google, a firm supporter of Firefox (and anything anti-Microsoft :)), came up with a neat Marketing trick, which I found out today by accident.

To find the impact of this trick, you need to do the following:

In IE, visit – you will see the home page with a little image that promotes the Tabbed Browsing and Security features in Firefox.

Google Home Page using IE (April 28th, 2006)

On the other hand, open up your Firefox and visit – you will see no such image.

Google Home Page using Firefox (April 28th, 2006)

I thought that it was indeed a very good Marketing trick – most people who use IE may get vowed by the tabbed browsing feature that was already present in Firefox. So, when they visit Google for searching, they would be presented with this neat little message which talks about that and also emphasizes that it is more secure.

Lets see how this works out – this is going to be fun. What do you think? – leave me a note.



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